RELX Infinity 1 Pod 5% – Menthol Plus


RELX Infinity 1 Pod 5% – Menthol Plus

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RELX | RELX Infinity

Menthol Plus
5% Nicotine
The coolness of the very first puff is unforgettable. The fragrant aroma lasts long.
The cooler, stronger sensations of freshness, powered by menthol.
#A Breath of Fresh Mountain Air

RELX Infinity Pod connection is more intuitive and changing a pod is a seamless experience. When you switch out the pods, the magnets will secure the pod with a subtle click, the device will provide vibration feedback to confirm the connection and the indicator light will flash once. Infinity pods are symmetrical, so swapping pods has never been easier.

* Super Smooth Performance, * Leak-Resistant Maze, * 500 puffs per pod (Based on consumption, * 1.9mL e-liquid capacity / pod, * Velvety smooth mouthpiece, * Compatible with RELX Infinity device and RELX Essential device, * Multiple flavors available, * Reddot Winner 2020, * Ergonomic Moutpiece Design, * Comfortable Temperature <55 degrees celsius vapor temperature, * Optimized Draw Resistance 0.4 kPa tolarence, * Symmetrical pods, * Short circuit protection


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